Mathico Scarsdale

Mathico-Scarsdale was established in 2015. Our mission is to advance students’ math knowledge beyond their school curriculum, to improve their logical composition and equip them with necessary skills for having impressive results in math competitions such as AMC-8, Math Kangaroo, MATHCOUNTS, MOEMS, 2×2 Russian Olympiad.




Samvel Sahakyan

Mathico school founder and Olympic team coach
New York State Director  Math Kangaroo NFP, 501(c)3

Samvel is a mathematician and an inventor in the IT sector. He designed programs for math competitions and Olympiads, such as Math Kangaroo, AMC-8, AMC-10, and more. Mr. Sahakyan’s students are winners of National and State competitions. His math passion came up early in his life, as he became the winner of several math Olympiads and competitions, including a National Olympiad. Samvel holds an MS in Computer Science and Mathematics from the State University of Armenia and Data Science from Cornell University.


Great school! Amazing programs and teachers!

Arman Manukyan

Great school! Amazing programs and teachers!

Arman Manukyan


Tigran Chtchyan


Tigran, an accomplished mathematician and educator at Mathico, excels in nurturing young minds toward mathematical excellence. ‌

 Tigran is an **IMC (**International Mathematics Competition for University Students) first-prize winner and an IMO bronze medalist. The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) is the World Championship Mathematics Competition for High School students held annually in different countries. National Teams, the top 6 students representing their nation, participate in IMO each year. ‌

 His teaching experience includes more than two years of teaching advanced math at the Special Physic-mathematical school. His practical teaching has propelled his students into top positions in national contests, with several qualifying for international. Tigran’s dedication to mathematics education is further enhanced by his development of educational videos using innovative platforms.


Emma Minasyan


Emma holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, with a keen interest in Machine Learning, particularly in medical computer vision. Bringing 4 years of experience in teaching, Emma has guided diverse age groups of school children and university students through the complexities of mathematics. Emma’s approach blends technological insights with educational methods to foster a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.
Emma: “I am passionate about nurturing curiosity and innovative thinking in students, preparing them for a future where technology and mathematics intersect.”


Konstantin Gaydev


Konstantin, a standout former Mathico student, now shines as a teacher within our team. His exceptional academic journey includes multiple National and State Wins in Math Kangaroo, victories in LA and California state annual Olympiads, and notable honors in the American Math Competitions, AMC-8 and AMC-10. His progression from one of Mathico’s brightest students to a dedicated educator reflects his deep passion for mathematics and teaching. His teaching experience at Mathico’s Summer Camp enables him to connect uniquely and effectively with his students, inspiring them with his personal journey and mathematical expertise.


Gayane Ghazaryan


Gayane is a junior Computer Science student at American University of Armenia, interested in Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence. She has 2+ years of experience in teaching Armenian, English and Mathematics.


Mane Mkhitaryan


I am currently a Computer Science junior at the American University of Armenia. I started my career at Mathico as an intern. I am proficient in Calculus, Numerical Analysis, Statistics, etc.


Eliza Gyulgyulyan


I have a bachelor’s degree in financial and actuarial mathematics, a Master’s degree in Computer Science, and I am on my way to having a Ph.D. in Computer Science. I am familiar with the Pearson Qualification math program, International A Level and IGCSE, Common core math program, and more. My tutoring experience covers the following math areas: Algebra 1,2, Geometry, Pre-calculus, Calculus AB and BC, Statistics, the math sections of the SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE tests.