We use a differentiated learning method to help every student reach their full potential.

It means that we tailor our teaching approach to meet each student’s unique needs and abilities so they can learn at their own pace and manner.

5-6 students per Teacher

Monthly tuition fees:  

One class per week

3-6 grades: 27,000/month

7-12 grades: 32,500/month

ACT, SAT – Math Course: AMD 45,000 monthly

Two times per week 

3-6 grades: 42,000/month

7-12 grades: 48,000/month

Semester Span:

January 15 to June 15, 2024

Payment Schedule:

  1. January 31st

  2. February 29th

  3. March 31st

  4. April 30th

  5. May 31st

ACT, SAT – Test Preparation: AMD 300,000 – free assessment test will be conducted

Online and In-person

Online private lessons

We offer Online private and semi-private lessons. We use the latest technologies, and our lessons are efficient and effective. We use Zoom/Google meet,, and Mathico app.

Tuition – one lesson:
AMD 6,000 – 10,000 – For local students
$30 – $60 – For International students