Mathico Yerevan

Mathico teachers and the entire team are happy to announce Mathico Yerevan – Advanced Math School opening in September 2022!!

The classes are for children starting the 2nd grade. The classes are in English, following the US Education program, and advanced math topics preparing students for Math Competitions and Olympiads. You can find more info in the courses section.

The classes for wounded and fallen Armenian soldiers’ family members are always free of charge. In remembrance of those who fell to preserve the light of freedom. Many thanks to our donors, Global Invest and Vardges Avetisyan, to make it possible!

Who we are:

Mathico is Advanced Math School based in New York and has been operating in the U.S. since 2012.


Along with teaching students at our schools, we support Math Clubs in U.S. schools in New York, California, and Ohio states and organize different Math competitions and olympiads.

Mathico prepares students to apply to the country’s Top Universities and provides systematic math education, including advanced topics for motivated and talented children.

We also prepare students for the National and International Math Olympiads and Competitions, such as American Math Competitions for grades 8-12; The Harvard – MIT Mathematics Tournaments, and younger students for Space Panda Math, Math Kangaroo, MOEMS, Mathcounts, and many others.

We foster children’s love and passion for mathematics, encourage them to reach their full potential, and teach them to deal with the most challenging problems.

Through our unique approach, we develop and discover children’s mindsets and help them find their own thinking way. During the courses, our students become self-monitoring and self-correcting. They will stand in good stead in their lives regardless of their career or career path choices.