2020 Summer Program

It has been a tradition for Mathico to organize summer programs to help students prepare for the upcoming academic year and advance their skills for participating in competitions and olympiads. However, this year the traditional format of the program was to be modified. By taking into consideration the situation with COVID-19, we organized this year’s Summer Program online. 

The program included both school and advanced math curriculums, which were fulfilling various objectives. The students covered a wide range of topics, including functions, radicals, polyominoes, crypt-arithmetics. You can find the details of the program here

For online lessons we use  Zoom conferencing, as a communication means. For in-class tasks, assignments, and quizzes, we use the M`athico app and other resources as needed. Students will need a computer or an iPad with a camera for video calls and a notebook with pencils or iPad for math work.

The program has not only met the expectations but has also exceeded them. Even though we still prefer in-class lessons to online ones, the latter proved to be more effective in many terms. During online classes, the rate of students’ distraction was minimized, and the students were fully concentrated on the subject.